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I have worked with hundreds of people looking to improve their healthy cooking skills and confidence.

$10 a week, billed monthly ($40)



Are you tired of eating the same foods all the time and struggling to find anything that actually tastes great?

Especially if dietary restrictions are in place or you are new to a gluten or dairy free lifestyle.

For the past 15 years I have been experimenting and creating a wide variety of recipes and preparation techniques to make healthy good indulgent and delicious!

From simple to prepare meals with what you have left over in the fridge to more extravagant desserts and meals, increasing your creativity and confidence in the kitchen is our main goal.

You will learn the all the basics


of advanced meal prep and how to create 30 minute meals for weeknights.


Transitioning into a Gluten + Dairy Free Diet?

Want More Recipes?

Looking to Feel More Confident Cooking Healthy (and Delicious) Meals?




Build Kitchen Confidence – Online Group – $45

+ Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar Free Cooking (great for allergies and adaptable to your needs)

+ Weekly Seasonal Recipes

+ Learn about Ingredients, Shopping Tips, and Honest Reviews

+ How-to Tutorials

+ Live (online) Food Preparation Classes

+ Food, Health, and Lifestyle Tips and Hacks

Receive the support you deserve to make sustainable long term changes!

Join us for the

Health + Lifestyle Coaching (1-on-1)

+ Address the gaps

+ Create sustainable long term changes

+ Receive individual support + guidance


Want your ingredient or product used or reviewed by me? Let’s talk!