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As you’ve probably already realized, quality of ingredients is a big topic here. Coming from a long history of food allergies and knowing the struggle that comes with trying to find delicious recipes that don’t make you feel crumby, let me introduce you to a whole world of ingredients! Some ancient medicinal foods and tonic herbs, others more commonly found items in your local grocery store.


If you’re new to some of these terms, familiarize yourself and remember to always ask questions.

  • If you see the “USDA Organic” or “Certified Organic” seal on your food, the items ingredients must be 95% or more certified organic, meaning free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering, according to the USDA. The remaining 5% may only be foods or processed with additives on an approved list. The USDA states that the goal of organic foods and organic farming is to “integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.
  • Often seen on labelling for poultry including chicken, turkey, and eggs. It gives the perception that the animals are allowed to range free, roaming the farm and eating their instinctual diet, but unfortunately this is not always the case. The USDA definition of “free-range” is rather vague. In order to label their meat and poultry “free-range or free-roaming”, “Producers must demonstrate to the Agency that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside.” Some poultry growers do actually keep their birds outside (as the season and daylight hours permit), utilizing a movable or stationary house for shelter and keeping the birds on fresh-growing palatable vegetation.
  • Birds are kept outside (as the season and daylight hours permit), utilizing a movable or stationary house for shelter, and they have constant access to fresh-growing palatable vegetation.”
  •  these foods have not been in contact with or contain genetically modified ingredients. They may not be certified organic but they do not contain organisms that have been altered at the genetic level.
  •  Grown wild instead of cultivated
  • Free from the glutinous proteins from barley, oats, rye, triticale, or wheat, including Kamut and spelt. Many people prefer these for easier digestion, but others need to avoid all gluten containing ingredients due to celiac disease.
  • Free from an milk ingredients including butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, whey.
  • Free from any form of grain including rice, wheat, triticale, barley, rye, sorghum, corn, millet, farro, couscous, oats, teff, wild rice.


Where to buy your ingredients :

iHerb – One of my favourite sources of ingredients. Fast shipping, great prices, and over 35,000 options. Use this code at checkout : for $10 off your first order

Bulletproof – For entrepreneurs, executives, students, and anyone that wants to perform better. Bulletproof features supplements, products, and the well loved BulletProof Coffee recipe to optimize your health through a high fat diet.

Thrive Market (Only Ships to US) – Online market -a Canadian website with a ton of healthy ingredients, supplements and lifestyle products!

Surthrival – Speciality ingredients including : colostrum, schisandra powder, pine pollen, and epic cup holsters!

Amazon – For particular ingredients that I can’t find anywhere else, this is my go-to. Including Candy & Donut molds!

Mountain Rose Herbs – My favourite source for loose herbs, medicinal plants and mushrooms.

Your Local Health Food Store or Grocery Store – Always opt to purchase local and support your local peeps!


Some of my favourite ingredients!

Baking Ingredients & Supplies

Baking Soda

Baking Powder

Cookie Cutters

Molds for Donuts, Chocolates, Gummies, Cupcakes

Medicinal Mushrooms



Four Sigmatic Mushroom Extracts


Mesquite Powder

Vanilla Powder 

Cacao Powder

Cacao Paste

Lucuma Powder


Maca Root Powder



Schisandra Powder


Pau D’arco


Speciality Ingredients

Camino Chocolate Chips

It’s not Bacon

Simply Organic Spices

Have a question? Working on a budget and want to know where to start? Shoot me a note! Im happy to help!